Gallery Manager: Taylor McDarison

I was raised in the small township of Richmond, WI for most of my life on a modest three-acre hobby farm. It is at my childhood abode, like most local artists, that I discovered my love for animals, nature, and art. This passion drove me to participate in WAA from 2014 – 2017 as their Recording Secretary during my undergraduate studies, and I am happy to find my way back to the nonprofit. Within the hiatus I founded Arttaysia, LLC, a creative entrepreneurship from which I sell my works, disseminate progress photography/footage, cultivate a community of art enthusiasts, and more.

My education includes the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, graduating with a BFA with emphases in Sculpture/Ceramics. I have presented art related research in Iowa (2016 Upper Midwest Honors Conference), Minnesota (2016 National Council of Undergraduate Research), Washington (2015 National Council of Undergraduate Research), and Wisconsin (2017 Global Intergenerational conference). I have served on the executive boards of over 10 student and community organizations. I have displayed my work in galleries located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Washington.