WAA Membership

Membership is for the calendar year – January through December and is tax deductible. 2018 was another great year for the Whitewater Arts Alliance, and we hope you were able to attend many of our events. We have many more events coming up in 2019 and we want you to join us as a member. To learn more or to become a member for 2019, click here.

Membership Benefits include:

  • A decreased commission on gallery sales

  • Discounted workshop fees

  • The ability to sell art in the gallery all year

  • Commission-free members’ exhibit

  • A link to your website and portfolio on the WAA site if you wish

Membership fees

  • Student: $15.00

  • Senior (Over 62: $25.00

  • Adult: $50.00

  • Family: $75.00

  • Sponsor: $100.00

  • Benefactor: $250.00

  • Founder/Corporate: $500.00

Are you interested in volunteering? Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Highlights of 2018 included:

  • We were once again fortunate to be able to schedule monthly exhibits in our gallery. These included the annual members’ show, the annual Fran Achen Photography contest, Artrageous Birds, and the artwork of the Whitewater School District students, just to name a few. Area artists are discovering our gallery, and they continue to ask us for a time to exhibit their work.

  • Performance once again played an important role in our schedule. We hosted Savory Sounds, the Lincoln School African drummers, and many individual artists.

  • Plans for 2019 are well underway and include another fully booked year in the gallery, and even more performance events.

To become a member for 2019 click here.


The WAA Board of Directors